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The Borsalino 50 G

The Borsalino 50 G

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This new, ultra-lightweight fedora is a Borsalino exclusive, and it showcases why they have been the pinnacle of fine headwear for well over one hundred years.

What's special about the hat?The hat is of superior quality.

The 50 G hat is made of a mix of beaver hair,wild hare hair, and hare hair.The exact mix and weight is a trade secret.

Most other felts consist "only" of wild hareand rabbit, which is a less valuable mix.Thus, the 50 G is super light (50 G = 50 Grams).Yet, it holds its shape,as you shape it yourself.

While the 50 G felt is lighter,it is also softer.It is alsomore water-repellent.You can roll it and it always returns to itsoriginal shape.

The felt is more durable,due to the higher quality felt.
It can be reworked many times, which is more challengingwith other felts.

Material: 100% animal hair
Brim: approx. 6.5 cm (2.55")
Height of crown: approx. 10.5 cm (4.13")
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